Organic Baby Food: Worth the Extra Cost?

When it comes to feeding your baby, we know that you want nothing but the best. Sometimes, however, the best baby food often comes with a higher price tag! In this article, we talk about organic baby food and review if it's really worth paying the extra money to feed your precious little ones such pricey food. The simple answer is yes; and here are five reasons why.

 Organic Baby Food Is Fresh

With organic baby food, far fewer (and usually none at all) chemicals or preservatives are used, and as a result, the food has a much shorter shelf life. Although people could view the lack of preservatives as a disadvantage in terms of shelf life and longevity, we believe it's actually an advantage, because the food must be consumed within a specific amount of time.  This time limit means the food is much fresher to feed your baby than non-organic food from well-known baby food brands.

 You’re Doing Your Part to Help the Environment

Environmental issues are becoming increasingly important these days. If you’re concerned about protecting the environment on behalf of your children, and their children, and even the children who come after that, you’re not alone! Thankfully, you can do your bit with just one simple switch - buying organic produce.

The organic farms that grow vegetable produce used in organic baby food are far better for the environment than traditional farm produce. Not only do they reduce fertilizer and pesticide pollution, but they also tend to be much more environmentally conscious and their farming practices (generally) conserve water and improve soil fertility for future generations. They often use far less energy than their non-organic counterparts, too.

With Organic Food, Your Baby Avoids Antibiotics and Other Nasties

The best organic baby foods will always steer clear of antibiotics, growth hormones and other nasties that are typically fed to livestock. These chemicals/drugs often make their way into the human food chain in one way or another.  In fact, chemicals and other unsavory things fed to livestock were recently attributed to dangerous diseases such as BSE, or Mad Cow Disease.

It’s widely accepted that consuming livestock fed or injected with antibiotics is also a contributing factor to antibiotic resistance and other metabolic imbalances, both of which are set to become some of the biggest health problems of modern times. So, homemade organic baby food could prove beneficial to your child’s health in more ways than one.

 Organic Baby Food is Free of GMOs

Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, are another thing that somehow has made its way into our food chain in recent years. Many people don’t even realize they’re consuming GMOs on a regular basis, but those who pay attention to the origins of the food they buy will know that avoiding GMOs is simple, as long as you stick to organic food.
GMOs are genetically modified versions of plants, where its DNA has been altered to enhance some chosen quality of the plant, such as promoting exceptional growth or some other desirable characteristic. For example, a plant might be altered to produce its own type of insect repellent. While these GMO-based foods may not present a problem for adult consumption, when it comes to our babies, it’s best to be cautious!

 Organic Baby Food Is Nutritionally Dense

From all the available research, we can easily assume that organic food is simply better for you, but the question really is- do you know how much better it is for you? A 2016[i] study found that the nutrients derived from organic produce far exceeded that of its typical non-organic counterparts. In some cases, for example, in milk and meat products, nutrients such as Omega 3 fatty acids were 50% higher. So, by feeding your babies an organic food diet, you are increasing their nutritional intake without increasing the amount of food they consume, and really doing what’s best for them.  
We know that organic baby food is more expensive than non-organic versions.  Sometimes cost is a big consideration when food shopping, but when you look at the potential health benefits along with the fresher taste, your little ones may enjoy their food even more if it's organic. And if they like it, we can bet you’ll come around to paying that bit extra for organics! Remember, you can always look out for organic baby food coupons online. Savvy shopping could save you a fortune, while still ensuring that your baby has the best possible nutritional start in life.


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