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Inventor Francine Weinberg MBA, PMP®

With an analytical approach to solving complex problems, Francine is a born inventor.

Francine has a perfect background to be an inventor.  She has achieved the prestigious Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) degree from Stevens Institute of Technology where she studied many engineering disciplines with a dual major of Electrical Engineering/Computer Science. She also completed a Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree from Arizona State University focusing on General Management.

Francine brings extensive experience in the corporate world as a professional consulting Program/Project Manager for Fortune 500 firms like IBM, Cisco, and Deloitte Consulting. In addition to this experience and her academic degrees, she has also attained the difficult Project Management Professional (PMP®) designation from the world-renowned Project Management Institute.

As a professional consultant, Francine has spent most of her time finding solutions for client initiatives, but is now focused on applying that skill to her own inventions.  She is determined to find better ways to travel with many types of liquids and founded Allera Travel Products LLC to bring unique and innovative travel solutions to market - with Baby Tripster as the first one. 

The Baby Tripster® Story

Baby Tripster solves a desperate problem that every parent has experienced.  The idea came from watching an overwhelmed Mom feed her crying toddler on a crowded New York City bus.  Inspired by this Mom, Francine said:

“Taking the bus home from work one evening, I watched a Mother with her toddler board the bus. As they sat next to me, the Mom pulled out a container of food from one of her several bags and struggled to feed her child while balancing him on one knee and the food container on the other. At one point, the child almost kicked the food container onto the floor. The situation seemed so challenging that I thought there must be a better way. So that’s how I came up with the idea of an ergonomically designed baby food travel kit that allowed for convenient one-handed feeding. This Mom really needed a travel food container with an attached lid and a built-in compartment to hold a spoon/fork utensil.”

Thus, Baby Tripster was born, the new MUST-HAVE baby feeding kit for families on-the-go!


Why is Baby Tripster Different?

The world’s first leak-proof baby food travel kit made for any kind of travel!

Travel with your baby has changed forever!  Now you can take Baby Tripster and your baby’s favorite soft food from home anywhere you go!  Specially designed for the most rugged travel conditions, Baby Tripster is the world’ first, and only, guaranteed leak-proof travel kit.

Baby Tripster is made entirely from Tritan® – one of the most sturdy, durable and tough plastics that exist today!  Baby Tripster is BPA-Free and can easily withstand the rigors of a dishwasher, the high temperatures of a microwave, and the frozen temperatures in a freezer.   The container’s wide opening is great for ALL kinds of food like liquids, chunky purees, soups and solid foods. 

Baby Tripster is THE most versatile and durable baby/kid food travel containers ever made! Key features include:

⦁ Built-in compartment for clean spoon/fork utensil. No more plastic bags for baby’s utensils!
⦁ Lids are attached and can never be dropped or lost. No more mixing and matching lids after cleaning!
⦁ Baby Tripster® can accommodate all types of liquid and solid food; semi-liquid, solid, or pureed food can be kept sealed and leak-proof.
⦁ Made from 100% Tritan, Baby Tripster is rugged, tough and durable.  That means Baby Tripster® can go anywhere!
⦁ Great for those small snacks “On the Go” for any age.

Baby Tripster is entirely BPA-free, TSA approved (can be taken onto an airplane) and microwave/dishwasher safe. Baby Tripster® is a multi-purpose, hassle-free and super smart addition to any family’s travel solutions!


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